Antonio Male Colorpoint AVAILABLE

Adriana Female Colorpoint AVAILABLE

Carmine Male Bicolor ADOPTED

Liliana Female Colorpoint AVAILABLE

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Violet had five kittens born September 28, 2016 and they may go November 23rd (or later if you'd like) Please note, the brown/tan color around their mouths and nose is caused from milk from nursing and will fade away after they stop nursing and as they grow up.

Siena Female Mitted AVAILABLE

Carina Female Colorpoint AVAILABLE

Text or call 610-235-six446 for more information or to reserve one. You can also e-mail me at but for quickest response please text 610-235-six446.

Until about one - four weeks old we reserve picking order. First deposit gets first pick male, second deposit gets second pick male and so on. 

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