I fell in love with the breed decades ago when I was introduced to the breed by my friend in high school that had a Genuine Ragdoll. I always was fascinated how puppy like and completely different Genuine Ragdolls were from other cats. Fast forward decades later and one day my oldest daughter brought home a mature male Ragdoll cat from her work from someone who couldn't keep it anymore due to her circumstances. Immediately I was in love with the big boy! My family and I were amazed that he would play and fetch like a dog! I was hooked! Years later he passed away and I wanted another to fill the void. This time however I wanted a female, and I wanted it to be a kitten to raise it with my family of seven children. At the same time period my daughter wanted her own Genuine Ragdoll for her birthday so we also brought Frosty into our home also as a kitten. I started researching specialized health screenings, blood tests, and genetic testings to make the breed better and started breeding them years later to have the perfect Ragdoll pets for my family, and then for my friends and other families. 

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ROMEO  – My first breeding male with gorgeous deep blue eyes and a lap cat personality to complement his handsome looks.

FROSTY – She is a super loving Blue Lynx Mitted mother and grandmother. Absolutely loves all kittens no matter who's they are she will lay down and snuggle and clean them.

SOPHIA –  I fell in love with her the very moment I laid eyes on her and you will too! Feel free to contact us for more information.