Annabella - Female Mitted ADOPTED

Maria - Female Colorpoint RESERVED

Logan - Mitted Male RESERVED

Jack - Male Bicolor RESERVED

If you would like more information and more photos or if you would like to come see these or other available kittens in person and secure one with a deposit please text or call 610-2three5-6446 You may also e-mail me at However with the busy household for quickest response please text me. I photograph and upload photos weekly or biweekly or so and then at four weeks old I send numerous photos (and videos if you like, or you can come out in person and see them at four weeks old) and then you select which one you would actually like to adopt and then finally you take them home at eight weeks old (or older if you prefer) with a completed Vet Exam. It is complete with multiple vaccinations, blood test results, and parasite screenings. Additionally they are given Advantage II flea preventative and multiple dewormers.

Belle - Female Mitted RESERVED

Gracie - Colorpoint Female RESERVED

Sofia had five kittens born September 18, 2016 and they may go home at eight weeks old (or as late as Christmas eve if you'd like) Please note, the browinish color around their mouths and nose is caused from milk from nursing and will fade away after they stop nursing & as they grow up.

​Genuine Ragdoll kittens are all born a white or cream color. Colors and patterns develop as time goes by. You basically know what pattern you have at three-four weeks old but color develops for about two years. ​New Updated Photos At Five Weeks Old.

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